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Internet Ballet Database


Internet Ballet Database (IBDB) is the most complete ballet and contemporary dance database ever compiled. The database is continuously expanded and updated by BalletBase community members adding information about themselves and their professional activities that IBDB tracks automatically.

IBDB is a community project and open for new entries from all dance professionals and associates as well as dance enthusiasts and anyone who shares our passion.

To ensure accuracy, some data submitted will be checked by the portal moderator.


This section gives brief biographical information about the people and his or her repertory and companies if available. Reviews, media and extra information may be added.


The database gives a brief historical background of theatres and companies together with a listing of their repertoires and company members. Reviews, media and extra information may be added.


These are listed if available with a names of composer, author of libretto, choreographer, costume and set designer, dates of first performances, revivals and/or restaging of productions. Reviews, media and extra information may be added.


BalletBase Community


BalletBase is the leading international community for dance professionals, associates and dance lovers that serves as a global communications network for real collaboration. It is based on invitation-only membership, which makes the social network unique and the connections authentic.

There are five simple points of the community:

  1. The community belongs to its members.
  2. On joining, a new member is automatically introduced to all the others and is free to connect with any member. However, we request that members respect each other’s privacy.
  3. We have formed BalletBase to clearly separate dance professionals from non-professionals in the belief that this is in the best interests of ballet and contemporary dance.
  4. Members will have the opportunity to vote for who and what is best in ballet and contemporary dance.
  5. As a united community we are able to provide real support for the creative and professional growth of our members.




2008 May:Established “Who’s who in classical performance arts” – the first structured ballet database of
artists, companies and performances.
2008 August:Opened Stellar Alliance video channel and published original articles.
2008 December:Established the first ever professional ballet community based on an invitation only social network with closed membership.
2010 August:The database is expanded to cover more than 500 artists and over 300 performances.
2011 May:balletbase.com becomes the world’s first comprehensive internet ballet database covering more than 7000 artists, over 3000 performances and over 400 companies – and is still growing.


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